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Canadian Vision 2020 offers immigration services for various group of people ranging from students, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, high school graduates and different professionals.
Before you start your own journey, be certain about what you want. Canadian Vision 2020 can assist you by giving a clear picture of the immigration environment, your possibilities, and the actions to take. Once you have a better understanding, then you can decide whether you want to hire our team to assist you in your dream of moving into a new country and start a new life. Our licensed immigration consultants can connect with you in person, online, or over the phone about your unique immigration situation and give you a complete breakdown of your options and a framework of your journey ahead.

Student VISA:

We offer assistance for students who want to go to Canada and pursue higher education. Canadian Vision 2020 helps all sorts of students who wants to pursue undergraduate, graduate degrees and also various diploma and Post-graduate diploma programs.

Permanent Residency (PR)/ Work VISA:

Canadian Vision 2020 helps all sorts of professionals in their dream of migrating to Canada. Canadian Vision 2020 enables people from different backgrounds to get permanent residency. We help individuals get suitable jobs based on their qualifications in different PR friendly areas.
We also help people build different skills for getting suitable jobs in Canada through our learning centers in Bangladesh.

Permanent Status – Canadian Immigration Categories:

Federal Skilled Worker
Provincial Nominee Program
Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Trades Class
Family Class
Business Investor
Business Entrepreneur
Business Self-Employed